Private Monthly Kids Workshops

Once a month we offer a full-day kids workshop (includes swimming, a braai, salad, veggies, filtered water or freshly squeezed fruit juice, and of course… LIFE CHANGING LIFE COACHING SKILLS!

Tools for life for kids 8-12 Years old

Children will learn to:

  • Be emotionally intelligent
  • Manage any life challanges
  • Be more indipendent and self reliant
  • Regulate thier self talk

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Creating Your Vision Through Art For Teens

In today’s fast paced and demand for immediate satisfaction, we often lose focus of the bigger picture. This is one not to miss, the fun is endless, and the result is timeless. Be prepared for your child to express their unique dream for their life artistically 😉

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Creative Goal Setting Workshop

Your Child will learn:

  • Personal Goal setting skills
  • Tools for empowering themselves and others

Your Child will walk away with:

  • A strategy for their personal goals for 2018
  • A collage of their goals for 2018 to keep at home
  • New friends

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Tools For Bullying

The Program

The “Tools for Bullying” programme is developed to offer parents, teachers and children a deeper understanding of how bullying functions in social dynamics and how to intervene in bullying. The programme demonstrates that the bully and the bullied are actually attracted to each other by forces of nature that demands that they respectively learn important life lessons. The bully needs to learn more respect for others and the victim needs to learn more respect for himself/herself. It is this mutual need to learn from each other that draws them together.

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HEY! Check out our next Kids Camp


23 – 27 June, 2018

An “All Inclusive” 5 Day Camp in Mozambique, with the Infinity Tribe Team, Life Skills Workshops.


  • Transport to mozambique and return
  • Boarder crossing
  • 3 Healthy Meals per day
  • Tented accommodation
  • 2 Dolphin Dives
  • Snorkeling (Must bring own snorkel and fins)
  • Guided hikes in the forest


1 On 1 Coaching

By Phil Keye

Phil Keye is a professioanl Kids Life Coach. He owns a recording studio (piano, guitars, a bass) and art equipment . Phil coaches kids to express their voice and message through various mediums of music and art. You may find your child recording a rap album, poetry or even their own meditations. While on the other hand you may find your kids painting their life vision on a “vision board”.

Phli has a passion for music and video production, personal health and transformation.

Phil’s passion is to help kids and teenagers from 8 to 18 yrs old, to follow their unique destiny and to overcome any life challenges. He uses imaginative, playful games and processes which subconsciously guide the kids to achieving their dreams in a fun and playful manner. These internationally accredited processes have proven to be successful time and time again. Phil is an accredited ILS Master Coach, Master Demartini Coach and owner of Infinity Tribe.


Infinity Tribe has run numerous private and school camps thought Johannesburg and Mozambique. We will customize you an awesome camp according to your budget, and include the following:

  • Desired location
  • Teambuilding activities
  • coaching workshops
  • Necessary Boarder Crossing
  • Transport

Here is a quick video of our last Dolphin Diving Camp in Mozambique

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We love hosting team building days. The energy is pulpable and the fun never ends. No teambuilding day is ever the same, we bring in an array of uniquely different activities and our highly trained facilitators ensure a memorable and enduring experience.

We take care of the event from start for finish, see our process below:

How the day will work:

  • The group of attendees are split into teams of 8 to 10 kids.
  • while splitting the groups up into 10 or lees per team. Our games/activities are always unique

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  • A deeper understanding of bullying
  • The knowledge that every “stressing” has an equal and opposite “blessing”
  • A new strategy and paradigm for intervention
  • A tool for children to empower themselves
  • A better understanding of human behavior and human potential
  • The knowledge that every “stressing” has an equal and opposite “blessing”
  • A tool to develop deeper respect for others
  • A tool for adults and children to manage their emotions wisely
  • A powerful tool for teachers to facilitate bullying in the classroom

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Give your school the edge, we provide outstanding talks for varying audience sizes. Each and every school has its own challenges. You choose your talk, we will sort out the rest.

Topics include:

  • Insparational Talks
  • Sex Education
  • Drug Awareness

Using humor, insight and engagement, our motivational talks help participants gain the tools to take a fresh look at their lives, their situations, and their actions. We only need to look back so we can look forward, identification of ‘Purpose,’ is a key theme throughout our talks. Kids and teens will feel empowered and ready for the challenges which face them. We adapt each talk based on school requirements and outcomes, however below is a common structure we follow.

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The Ultmate Transformation

This is the ultimate 1 year School transformation. We run a new workshop at the beginning of every term for the entire school to set the standard for the year. The program is spit into 1 motivational talk for the entire school, and then grades are dealt with separate;y with fun ice breakers, teambuilding exercises and transformational coaching.

Here is an example of the Ultimate Tranformation workshop:


We have partnered up with some of the best!

  • St Peters
  • Fleron Academy
  • Orion