January Newsletter

January Newsletter

Infinity Tribe – “Nurturing Future Leaders”

Learning for January: ”As adults we need to set the tone for our kids behaviours.”

January roundup:

Hey guys! So Brandon and Phil sat down in January and decided to re-look their goals for the year. With Brandon being married, and Phil feeling ready to commit himself to a relationship, this next step was the obvious one… They both decided that creating financial stability was a top priority.

What does this mean for you as parents? It means that Infinity Tribe is committing itself to providing true value to their clients, more focused attention on the programs they run, and providing true value to the kids they teach! Phil and Brandon are focusing on YOUR highest return on investment… The development of your children.


St Peters 18 January 2018

The Infinity Tribe team landed on the fields of St Peters Primary on the 18th January 2018, bright and early, to perform their first team-building workshop for the year. We kicked off the day with a motivational talk By Warrior Ric, who breathed fire into the boys hearts! Wisdom was passed down to them about what it means to be a man, and a true leader in this modern world. His words were echoed by the cheers of these 13 year old boys, the future leaders of our country.

Boys were then split up into 9 groups, and competed against one another to complete 9 different challenges! This included blind-folded wall climbing, Pictionary, The Pipeline, and many more exciting activities which Infinity Tribe executed with perfection.

St Peters has included Infinity Tribe on their preferred list of suppliers and is recommending Infinity Tribe to other schools, due to the high level of service!

Goal Setting Workshop 20 January

On 20th Jan Infinity Tribe ran a private Goal Setting workshop for a select few kids at Phil’s home in Sandton. 12 kids arrived, and Phil guided each of them through their personal life mission, and explained the 7 areas of life upon which to express their goals.

The workshop included a good break, where kids swam, lay in one of Phil’s famous hammocks, played piano, soccer and jumped on the trampoline. At the same time, we had delicious meat sizzling on the braai and Norah Keye prepared a fresh salad, and potato bake.

By the end of the day, each child created their own vision board, which was presented to their parents late that afternoon. It was a special moment as parents watched their kids present their 2018 goals.

That last hour was filled with laughter, tears and Love!

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