Why choose Infinity Tribe

Why choose Infinity Tribe

Infinity Tribe Kids Camp focuses on building future leaders through Fun and adventure, this is achieved through key activities and workshops where we encourage collaboration and instil self-confidence.

We believe that early childhood development is critical to shaping your child’s future. Many psychologists such as Erikson believed that, external factors, parents and society have an impact on personality development from childhood to adulthood. Their experiences now will, therefore, have a large effect on their future choices and behaviours.

At Infinity Tribe, we are aware of the importance of childhood developments, we are passionate about making our mark towards a well-rounded individual. However we are also very cognisant of the challenges faced by children in today’s world.

Some of the negative factors which shape childhood development in the present world include:

Bullying – Results in low self-esteem, more introverted behaviour and poor school performance

Technology – Children are spending less and less time outside ‘Nature Deficit disorder’ which can result in a wide range of issues such as: childhood obesity, ADD and mood disorders.

Instant gratification – Can result in lower perseverance, impatience, increased frustration levels, and can prevent willingness to think and plan for the long term.

Stagnation – Often children are in their comfort zone, with a strict routine, preventing creative expression and “out of the box” thinking.

Infinity tribe kids Camp is revolutionary in terms of dealing with today’s challenges. We understand what kids are faced with and we want to lessen some of the effects while providing a memorable life experience.

We customise each of our Camps, so none are the same. Our top human behaviour specialist are carefully chosen, each possessing unique individual skills to achieve the outcomes required to assist the children in dealing with today’s world.

We focus on:

Freedom of expression – ‘out the house and into the great outdoors.’ Each child will experience their own unique challenges, putting them out of their comfort zone and enjoying the experience. Part of our camp is specifically targeted at arts and crafts, allowing children to reconnect with their creative side. The outcome of these aspects of the camp will naturally improve self confidence in children.

A sense of belonging – We have a quirky and unique way of putting each kid into their own tribe, each tribe creates its own identity and symbol. A sense of belonging and comradery naturally occurs and don’t be surprised if your child has a few more friends.

Taking Responsibility – Our entire camp is designed for the kids to take responsibility, we encourage the older children to take more leadership roles and nurture the younger kids, while maintaining collaboration over competition. Through a safe and secure environment each child will be given the opportunity if willing, to overcome some of their fears. Rewrard (teamwork, creativity, standing up for each other etc)

Fun and Adventure – Our program is very focussed on Fun and Adventure. We encourage outdoor activities. We endeavour to bring back the fun associated with the outdoors. Our program is structured but we also like a balance of structure and “open mindedness”

Infinity Tribe is designed as ‘the camp we wish we had at school’, while applying some of the lessons learned as adults, and incorporating these into the camp outcomes. Each program/camp is planned extensively, the planning ensures we achieve the outcomes portrayed. Most of all, we plan the camp as if we were going on it, ultimately meaning we have a great time doing it, this transfers to the child’s experience!!

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