You must ALWAYS be happy… Think positively… 24/7… Really?

You must ALWAYS be happy… Think positively… 24/7… Really?

Listen to the screams

Growing up, I remember always being told:

“You must think positively”

“You must be happy”

Nothing was to “go wrong”. If something went wrong, there would be a problem.

If I was tired, my parents would tell me I was “too young to be tired” and I should be “full of energy”.

If I was sad or depressed, I would be told to look at the bright side.

I was taught from a young age not to look at anything negative, but to try and re-focus my attention on the positive.

When you think about the repercussions of the above, it is a false solution to the truth. If the truth is that I am in pain, telling me not to feel that pain, to focus on something else and ignore the pain is surely not a solution?

We learn throughout our lives to push our pain and hardships aside and replace it with the façade of positivity, ignoring it until it starts to seep through into our everyday lives.

This method of distraction has an expiry date and that expiry date is NOW!

The world around us is changing and evolving. We are starting to embrace the feminine energy around us, whether you are male or female. We, as humans, are learning to embrace our vulnerability and express ourselves.

And what does that mean?

What it means is that we are starting to listen to ourselves and, when we listen to ourselves, we find purpose. We live a more fulfilled life.

Now, when I experience my sadness, instead of distracting myself with “positive thinking”, I am able to listen to myself and experience that sadness in its full capacity before I allow it to pass.

This is key in our society right now.

Many people that I know, especially men, will feel their own sadness and feel the need to repress it. Society has it drummed into us that letting your pure and raw emotion seep out is a sign of weakness. Real men don’t cry, right? But why not, when ignoring that emotion is, in essence, ignoring yourself and the voice within you?

Ignoring your innermost feelings will breed a person into losing their independence. If you are not listening to yourself, is this not exactly what is happening to you? Ignoring your own thoughts and your body’s instructions to you and, instead, blindly following the instructions of your (peers, family, teachers, government, etc.) will lead you further away from your own truth.

Your truth can only be found in one place – and that place is inside you. There is no other place that you are going to find your ultimate truth. Once you do find this truth, you are finally able to start living your purpose. You start living the life that you are meant to live.

I encourage you to start listening to your emotions and to give them a space to thrive!

You obviously don’t have to do this in the middle of a shopping centre, but have a sacred space at home. Have a room where you can lock the door and scream or cry, sing, play an instrument, throw some right hooks at a punching bag or even just sit and meditate in the depths of your emotions. Have a place that you can let your energy out and be true to yourself.

What was your biggest learning from this article?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts below… Lets start a conversation 😉

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