1 on 1 coaching


About Phil

Phil’s passion is to help kids and teenagers from 8 to 18 yrs old, to follow their unique destiny and to overcome any life challenges. He uses imaginative, playful games and processes which subconsciously guide the kids to achieving their dreams in a fun and playful manner. These internationally accredited processes have proven to be successful time and time again. Phil is an accredited ILS Master Coach, Master Demartini Coach and owner of Infinity Tribe.

Phil’s Style

You will either find Phil playing the piano, creating music in his studio, working in his “fruit forest” garden, or hiking in the mountains. Phil is passionate about personal transformation: This he achieves through personal meditations, a healthy diet, daily exercise, the use of his imagination, time to be creative, and his faith in the natural order of the universe.

What its like to be coached by Phil

Phil owns a recording studio (piano, guitars, a bass) and art equipment . Phil coaches kids to express their voice and message through various mediums of music and art. You may find your child recording a rap album, creating a music video, or even recording their own meditations. While on the other hand you may find your kids painting their life vision on a “vision board”, or just have a real “Heart to Heart” conversation.

Phli has a passion for music and video production, personal health and transformation.