Infinity Tribe has run numerous private and school camps thought Johannesburg and Mozambique. We will customize you an awesome camp according to your budget, and include the following:

  • Desired location
  • Teambuilding activities
  • coaching workshops
  • Necessary Boarder Crossing
  • Transport

Here is a quick video of our last Dolphin Diving Camp in Mozambique

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We love hosting team building days. The energy is pulpable and the fun never ends. No teambuilding day is ever the same, we bring in an array of uniquely different activities and our highly trained facilitators ensure a memorable and enduring experience.

We take care of the event from start for finish, see our process below:

How the day will work:

  • The group of attendees are split into teams of 8 to 10 kids.
  • while splitting the groups up into 10 or lees per team. Our games/activities are always unique

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  • A deeper understanding of bullying
  • The knowledge that every “stressing” has an equal and opposite “blessing”
  • A new strategy and paradigm for intervention
  • A tool for children to empower themselves
  • A better understanding of human behavior and human potential
  • The knowledge that every “stressing” has an equal and opposite “blessing”
  • A tool to develop deeper respect for others
  • A tool for adults and children to manage their emotions wisely
  • A powerful tool for teachers to facilitate bullying in the classroom

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Give your school the edge, we provide outstanding talks for varying audience sizes. Each and every school has its own challenges. You choose your talk, we will sort out the rest.

Some common topics include:

  • Letting Go Of Whats Holding You Back
  • Personal Confidence
  • Sex Education

Using humor, insight and engagement, our motivational talks help participants gain the tools to take a fresh look at their lives, their situations, and their actions. We only need to look back so we can look forward, identification of ‘Purpose,’ is a key theme throughout our talks. Kids and teens will feel empowered and ready for the challenges which face them. We adapt each talk based on school requirements and outcomes, however below is a common structure we follow.

“…in this game no one needs to lose. It is tough, and you need to train hard. It requires the willingness to think for yourself, to observe and correct, and to surmount occasional setbacks. It demands honesty, sustained application, and above all *love in your heart.*”

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